Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pages 1 to 11 World Championships 1971 preview; The Media and Divers

Bruce Farley and Kingfish at Seal Rocks NSW  (John Harding)

Sandra Greentree and Valerie Taylor  (John Harding)

(Photography John Harding)

Pages 12 to 25 Montague Island NSW; Wrecks (Dunbar); Film maker-diver Bruno Vailati;

Photography John Harding

Photography John Harding

Pages 26 to 36 Scuba; Dick Anderson; Divers' flag; Poisonous shells;Pelagic spearing

Valerie Taylor in Ewen Ponds SA  (John Harding)

Dick Anderson with a dubious gold nugget (John Harding)

Courtesy Dr Robert Endean, University of Queensland (Reader in Zoology)

All pictures by John Harding © 2016

Top picture by Geoff Bull at Shag Rock Point Lookout 1968

Pages 38 to 48 Photography; Fish dish; Abalone divers; Valerie Taylor satire

Valerie Taylor photography at Heron Island 

Ron Taylor in The Swain Reefs (John Harding)

Photography by John Harding

Mussels photographed at Doyles Restaurant, Watsons Bay  (John Harding)

All pictures by John Harding  © 1970

© John Harding

 Vic Ley at Hayman Island  © John Harding

Photography © John Harding